Shiitake Hazelnut Pâté

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Nearing the end of our warm weather shiitake flush, it is nice to preserve some for future shiitake craving. Here is a great recipe for preserving and gifting, if you feel like sharing ;)

This recipe comes from Farming the Woods book by Stephen Gabriel and Ken Mudge. This book can be found here if you are interested in learning how to farm your own woods.

4 oz of shiitake mushrooms

1 clove garlic   

2 Tbsp butter 

1/8 tsp thyme    

1/4 tsp salt  

1/8 tsp pepper

1 tsp parsley   

1/4 cup toasted hazelnuts (almonds can be substituted)              

3 oz cream cheese (for vegan use avocado or blended tofu)        

2 tsp dry sherry (for nonalcoholic use, use plum or apple cider vinegar)

In a food processor, blend mushroom caps and garlic. In a skillet melt butter. Add garlic and mushroom mixture, saute for five minutes, stirring in spices. Blend parsley and hazelnuts in food processor, adding in cream cheese until smooth. Add in sherry and mushroom mixture and process until uniformly mixed. Chill in a covered dish for at least one hour. Makes 1 cup (multiply recipe by four for a party size serving).