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Art Therapy

at Southern Wild

Now Introducing!!!

Mindfulness-Based Art Therapy Groups for Adults


Want to leave your stress and anxiety behind and live in the present? Katie Pape will lead us in beginning this journey into healing.


Typical group consists of:

  • Meditation, Guided imagery and self-regulation movement techniques

  • Art Journaling using various collage materials

75 minute sessions @ $30 each; $180 due upfront



Individual Therapy

at Southern Wild


Harness your inner power and strength with my integrated practice of using mindfulness-based art therapy to reduce your stress, anxiety and depression. Ever feel lost or worry about the past and future? Take control of your thoughts and the present by putting those worries to rest. You have the choice to follow your mind or train it to find peace in every aspect of your life. This type of therapy is great for adults and adolescences struggling to unleash any unwanted stress, anxiety or depression. Revitalize with the skills you learn in this therapy.

I specialize in using art as a medium to open up the unconscious in order to give us clues into what your body and mind truly needs to heal, unlocking issues that might not have been visible or audible in talk therapy alone.

This integrated therapy is beneficial for those seeking to build self-esteem, self-confidence,  coping skills to work through present and future stressors, and for those that want to take control of their lives and achieve peace in the here and now.


Payment Accepted: Private Pay

Diagnostic Assessments $100.00

Individual Counseling $100.00

Family/Couples Counseling $100.00

Groups range from $30.00-$60.00

Phone calls (first 10 minutes are free) $15.00 every 10 minutes


For Appointments and Information:


Contact me at: